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Twoodo - Team Collaboration 0.6.3

Help your team organize itself using simple #hashtags.

Help your team organize itself using simple #hashtags.

Help your team organize itself using simple #hashtags. Light as a feather. Easy to use. Highly efficient.

Description: Twoodo is a team collaboration tool that uses #hashtags as an organizing principle. Our twitter-like language lets you organize teams, tasks and documents as naturally as in a conversation. It’s extremely simple and intuitive to use. It’s also email-friendly so you don’t have to get all your colleagues or collaborators on board.

Why is it different: Twoodo is a fast, simple, cutting-edge way of getting things organized. No more menus, forms and charts to fill out. You get organized as fast as you think.

How it works: Organize as you type

#hashtags = organize with hashtags

#todo = create a task

@name = mention someone

and much more...

We let you organize as you type. Every message includes who it’s for, what it’s about, when it’s due and how important it is without needing forms and menus. You organize for yourself and for others… as you type in a facebook-like feed. No forms to fill out, no menus to select from.

The conversations then magically turn into actionable lists and notes on the click of a simple button. The hashtag-based language makes sure that nothing is ever lost and tasks can be inserted directly in a conversation.

By integrating seamlessly with email you can use Twoodo to manage projects with non-users. Other collaboration tools attempt to be “email killers” we are an “email-friendly collaboration tool”. Simply include and we take care of the rest.

Our customers say:

“Needless to say I was ecstatic to find a tool that takes this natural flow of thought to input and automatically organizes everything into clear and addressable sections”

“Twoodo is a fantastic way to keep our day-by-day ideas, todos and reminders in order so we can focus only on what’s important.”

“It’s really straightforward!”

“I really like twoodo and find it the perfect email killer”

"This is just like Twitter for business"

"This tool allows me to have conversations and post tasks at the same time. Nothing gets lost, everything is tracked. Love you guys."

“The main difference with Twoodo is that everything can be managed from the Command Box, in a single sentence."

Twoodo - Team Collaboration


Twoodo - Team Collaboration 0.6.3

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